Top 10 Features Of Online Exam Management System

Top 10 Features Of Online Exam Management

Top 10 Features Of Online Exam Management System

The examination is an unavoidable part of the educational ecosystem nowadays. This is because only the online examination system can automate, digitize, and streamline the examination process. This will also ensure program quality and document institutional effectiveness.

Online examination software could help in conducting assessments no matter what situations they find. Institutions are forced to see the various features of online examination software before they make a choice.

The online Exam Management System also helps to reduce the cost of conducting exams like logistics, paper-based work maintenance, and much more.

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Features Of Online Exam Management System

The top 10 features of the Online Exam Management System are listed below for better understanding:

Automation of planning and schedule

Exam planning and registration is not an easy task because it involves a lot of processes like preparation of question papers, sitting arrangement, etc.

But with the help of an online exam management system, one can easily and smoothly conduct the procedure of examination. This feature will also help educational institutions to hold the exams easily.

This is possible by storing students’ applications, generation timetables, processing hall tickets, and allotment of exam halls/invigilators automatically. Also, with the configurable seating plan, and eventually with the attendance marking option.

The whole procedure of examinations becomes online and there will be no hassle for checking the answers of students.

Assessment Pattern creation

This feature helps to provide a correct shape and clarity to your assessments. This system of examination helps in defining and grouping the various fixed grade categories with the assessments. Any given course will follow a selected method of assessing its students.

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It may well be Internal or External, defining this happens within the Assessment Pattern. This system takes no more time for activities like manual question paper creation and printing, and allocation of tasks to college.

Also managing records of scholars attending exams, allocating rooms, and far a lot of. Online Examination software systems allow schools to make question banks for multiple courses. With this, the school can also transfer necessary files, documents, and media beneath them.

Configuration of question types with different difficulty levels

This option allows the easy creation of several question types including one-word, descriptive, multiple-choice, and open-ended, quizzes. With this, you can also associate them with the marking scheme, negative marking for straightforward calculations.

Defining difficulty levels (easy, difficult) for a more differentiated approach to conducting exams is feasible. Students are tech-savvy these days.

They no longer prefer the antiqued paper-pen examinations and a regular classroom environment. Online examination software gives students a live virtual classroom setting. This also offers a satisfying online exam experience, in the way they prefer.

Students get interesting formats including quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, objective types, MCQs, long papers, article submissions, etc. With this wide variety of questions on a single subject, the students can concentrate better on topics they need improvement. This can be only possible with practice and preparation.

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Customization of test-taking options

Customization includes the questions per page, the use of the back-and-forth button, and question skipping. Also the test stops & restarts, spell checkers, to higher suit their institutional needs.

They do a lot of things like the antiquated paper-pen examinations and an everyday room atmosphere. Students can also enjoy question formats like quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, objective varieties, and MCQs.

Configurable Roles And Permissions

Configuring role-based permission rules to form, manage, and administer, the exams count next. Highly customizable user and group interface features allow you to possess control over who receives.

You can also develop, monitor, and view the exam, and resource materials, ensuring optimal efficiency and security. There should be a choice to create as many user groups as possible and assign tests to specific groups. On a management level, this feature also allows users to collaborate while designing an exam, collecting responses, and analyzing results.

Instant notification of exam schedules

With this feature, students get notifications about assessment schedules and any revisions made, assessment leads to real-time notifications. The notifications are delivered through the online, mobile, or app.

Parents also get notifications about the exam schedule and other important alerts with this software. Instant notifications help the students to prepare more and schedule their time according to the coming exams.

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Multi-language support

Institutions seek this feature the foremost. An internet test platform also helps to support the ability to conduct exams in more than one language. This will be available in any language and to define question banks in their preferred language.

Students from any state or territory can also take exams in their language. This ensures the equality of language use and also respect for every language.

Reports and dashboard

An online exam software should offer you enough insights you’d need through its advanced analytical reporting and personalized dashboards. It should have the flexibility to provide different forms of real-time reports for the institutional bigger picture.

Visual representations of results give an in-depth report for future analysis. It helps shorten students’ learning curves with instant prescriptive feedback. These reports include complete import and export options for users to handle responses, exam results, and reports with ease.

Onscreen evaluation for instant results

This is one of the foremost taken care of features in internet examination software. By on-screen evaluation, instructors have a real-time feel of evaluating by paper.

This feature involves various security stages including a complete security management process, evaluator handling process, click-by-click audit processes, etc. The simplest thing is, that you get to instantly publish assessment results by configuring date and time with the student result management system.

Easy Approval Process

Easy approval process Getting approval for question paper designs can be a challenging task. A web assessment tool with a straightforward question paper with such an option is bound to make things easier. This process gets approved easily because of its easy-to-use feature.

The old and traditional manner of conducting exams creates so much trouble and requires a lot of effort.  Students’ area units are evaluated in fascinating formats together with quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, objective varieties, MCQs, long papers, article submissions, etc.

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