What is an Online Exam Management System?


What is an Online Exam Management System?

The development of an Online Exam System is because of the reason to cater to the examination administrative and conduct needs. The aim behind the establishment of this Online Exam System is to reduce the work-load of managing exam activities. An effective exam management system is capable of establishing academic achievement and competency. Therefore makes the examination processes easier and paper-free. It also ensures a multilevel security framework to prevent misuse and mismanagement of legal and as well as official data. This+ allows an easy to manage the interface for the institution management. This software ensures a steady transfer of existing hard copies and files onto the electronic database. It also helps to integrate activities such as Roll Number allocation, Exam paper uploads, syllabus management, registration, Admit card generation. It allows administrators to scan and digitize pen-and-paper answer scripts and distribute them electronically to evaluate for on-screen marking. 

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Why Do Schools Need an Online Exam Management System?

The need to adopt Online Exam System has a lot of reasons like cost-effectiveness for the institute and flexibility for students to access. In today’s world, managing all the functions of an education institute alone is difficult. Here are the top reasons explaining the need of schools for Online Exam Management:


The Online Exam Management System ensures high levels of accuracy. The provisions of circulating the exam question papers, results, fees structure, and other important data is0 a single admin portal, and the chances of errors decrease.


The Online Exam Management System is an economic and more productive solution to the Institutions that conduct academic and higher-level examinations. This software helps to avoid additional manpower requirements and also costs in filing and stationery costs.


The students can log in to operate the student panel to check the course details, exam information, syllabus, and results. It also reduces the paper format exams and therefore, facilitate online examinations pattern.


The Online Exam System retains all the information with safety and security and as well as ensure avoidance of exam cheating practices and plagiarism. 


The Online Exam System or Software also provides the flexibility to create tests for whichever subject and topic they wish.  All you need is to log in to your dashboard and choose the options according to your needs.


Students can opt for Subject and Topic Wise Test so that they can check the level of preparation in a particular subject.  And thus, this results in focusing on each and every concept and level in the topic. They can prepare for JEE Mains or Medical, or other Competitive Examinations also.

Features of an Online Exam System

The Online Exam System helps to reduce the burden of school administration and therefore management of school activities becomes easy.  Apart from these, the following features are provided by this amazing software:

  • Ideal during COVID and other similar emergency times due to the unlimited benefits.
  • Huge flexibility during the exams like mode of conduct.
  • Simple and quick generate reports immediately after the exams are over.
  • Economical and saves money for the institute.
  • Easy evaluation of the answers sheet saves the time of teachers and as well as makes them more productive towards their work.
  • No storage and transport for examination papers to secure and transfer.
  • Reduction in the administrative burden for teachers as well.
  • Ability to conduct secure examinations.
  • Usage technology for the fast conduct of exams.
  • Environment-friendly examinations.
  • A technologically advanced solution to help students and parents.

Exam Result Generation

The Online Exam Management System is capable of generating instant exams results with high-accuracy checks. It helps to reduce human intervention and decreases the chances of errors. Hence, the analysis of student marks delivers accurate results.  It evaluates the answer sheet instantly and without any errors and helps to reduce the class teacher’s burden. The analytic of this online management system creates a clear and thorough analysis of results. Thus, leads to a comprehensive report generation. It makes the entire process run digitally and thus, makes the ent result processing system transparent and objective.  This software makes the exam result generation process free from personal biases and prejudices, thereby delivering reliable, accurate, and valid results. It minimizes the cost of setting question papers, Invigilators, rechecking, marking, distribution, etc.

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